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          Miss Margaret Lumley

          Margaret Lumley 225x300Having read English Language and Literature at Oxford and a PGCE, I spent my entire working life teaching in a wide variety of mainly maintained schools, both in England and in Switzerland, where I also studied for a Swiss teaching qualification. I have been fully involved in all aspects of parish life since childhood, singing in church choirs and playing the organ. Currently I am on my PCC, Deanery Synod secretary and a member of Diocesan Synod.  As a member of the Diocesan Overseas Council, I am part of the team that co-ordinates school links in West Africa.

          Type of Director Foundation
          Date appointed 1 December 2017
          Term of Office 4 years

          Chair of Faith & Worship

          Support Department Link

          Safeguarding Director

          Pupil Premium Director

          出勤(董事充分板) 5 of 6
          Committee Membership


          Faith & Worship

          Teaching & Support

          Attendance (Committees) 15 of 17

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