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          艾伦先生泰勒 - 贝内特

          Alan Taylor BennettAfter a first degree in theoretical physics from Durham I spent a year at Oxford and then began teaching science. I moved down to West Sussex in the early eighties as a Head of Physics and then Head of Science in a very large secondary school on the coast. After some years in school senior leadership in another West Sussex school I was appointed Headteacher of a secondary school in Hampshire. I was there for ten years before becoming Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education with Ofsted for nine years. In my semi-retirement I now run my own school improvement consultancy business. My children attended Bishop Luffa and I became a Director to help to ensure that every Luffa student here now gets a similarly high quality of education and care that both of them benefited from and enjoyed.

          Type of Director Foundation
          Date appointed 10 October 2017
          Term of office 4 years
          Roles English Faculty Link
          出勤(董事充分板) 6 of 6
          Committee membership Curriculum & Progress
          出席(委员会) 4 of 5

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