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          Mr Luke Eames

          LukeI have worked in secondary education since 2010 and have been Support Staff Director since October 2015. I have a particular interest in pastoral care and have specialised in dealing with students with behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties. My current position at Bishop Luffa School is Higher Level Teaching Assistant, I teach Enriched Languages and have been given the honor of championing our SEND and PP students. I enjoy every aspect of my work. I am studying an honours degree in Computing and IT through the Open University.

          Type of Director Staff
          Date appointed 13 October 2015 - Term of Office ended 12 October 2019
          Term of Office 4 years
          Roles Support Staff Link
          出勤(董事充分板) 6 of 6
          Committee Membership

          Drugs Policy Review Group

          Curriculum & Progress

          Attendance (Committees) 6 of 6

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