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          牧师安德鲁doyeI was brought up in north-west Kent, and took my first degree in 法 following which I worked in my twenties as a Solicitor in the City of London. I was ordained in 1993 following training at Trinity College in Bristol. I have worked in parishes in South London, Surrey and Hertfordshire, and have been a school governor in six different settings. I am married to Karen. The last of my three children will begin at University in September 2018. We provide a loving home to two dogs and one cat – the cat being the one in charge! I have a passion for sport, and enjoy quizzes, crosswords and other mind games, historic houses, theatre and walking; and I play the card game, contract bridge, to a high competitive standard.

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          最新任命 2017年11月28日
          任期 4年
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          出勤(董事充分板) 6 6 


          Faith & 崇拜 

          出席(委员会) 12 12 

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