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          Boredom Busters from WSCC

          1.  Play "Keep up the balloon". Focus on stretching and big movements.

          2.  Paint pictures – on paper or on the floor outside.

          3.  Have a go at Yoga or a dance routine on YouTube.

          4.  Tie dye or paint t shirts. You can event print a design for these and have someone iron it on.

          5.  Do the gardening.

          6.  Make jewellery (string and beads) if this is safe to do so.

          7.  Make a life story about yourself. Or maybe a mood board of all the things you like!

          8.  Make paper aeroplanes and boats. Race these. Use descriptive words to talk about what is happening. Try new designs and techniques i.e. fast or slow.

          9.  Play musical games i.e. musical statues/musical chairs

          10. Do the cooking/baking

          11. Plan recipes – Look online at healthy recipes that can be tried

          12. Decorate the garden with chalk

          13. Make giant bubbles outside

          14. Have a sports day

          15. Have a disco

          16. Do a virtual tour online– you could visit a zoo or a museum!

          17. Do a music making game online: //musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/

          18. Treasure hunt

          19. Indoor/garden picnic

          20. Skittles or throwing balls into baskets

          21. Indoor beanbag curling

          22. Do a workout video online i.e. Joe Wicks on YouTube.

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