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          Organise a virtual get together with friends and family on one of the many video conferencing and online meeting apps.

          谷歌视频群聊: Supports up to 10 participants for an unlimited duration. If you have a Google account, you have access to Google Hangouts. For free Gmail and G Suite Basic customers, 谷歌视频群聊 allows for up to 10 people to chat in a video call. The service also supports simultaneous voice chat and allows participants to join a conference via email or a shareable link. In response to the coronavirus crisis, Google has relaxed some restrictions for all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers, regardless of tier. Customers can now hold video conferences with up to 250 participants through to July 1, 2020.

          放大会议: Up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. Zoom is a full video conferencing suite aimed at Enterprise-level users, with an attractive free option. Users with a free account can host video conferences for up to 100 participants, but conferences of 3 members or more are limited to 40 minutes.

          Netflix的方 (free): If you or your children are yearning for social contact and missing loved ones, Netflix的方 lets multiple people stream shows together meaning you can keep up with your favourite series with grandparents, cousins, school friends and more, even if you’re miles apart. Install the free Chrome extension (it only works with Chrome at the moment), click the Netflix的方 icon and share your viewing link with friends. Once everyone has joined the link, the show will begin, and the extension has a built-in chat function that lets you send messages to other people in your party as the show is playing.

          卡斯特 (free): Taking the concept of Netflix的方 to another level, 卡斯特 is a real-time party video sharing app with screen capture, voice, text, and video chat. It lets you play games, watch shows, hang out, teach (or learn) a new skill and anything else you can imagine. Your children and their friends could study together, or you can watch films with friends and loved ones in isolation. All parties are private 通过 default.

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