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          Head of Design & Technology:
          Teacher of Design & Technology / Head of 里奇韦 House:
          Teacher of 设计和技术 / Deputy Headteacher:
          先生史蒂夫 - 威廉姆斯
          Teacher of 设计和技术:


          耐磨材料This course provides opportunities to:

          • Develop creativity and innovation.
          • Tackle problem solving challenges.
          • Experiment with processes and materials.
          • Work as individuals or as part of a team, on fun, practical and dynamic tasks.

          The course allows considerable opportunity for pupils to develop their own ideas in response to real needs and global issues such as sustainability. 学生们 are encouraged to recognise and use ICT, where appropriate, throughout the three elements of the course.

          • 设计 – includes drawing up a specification, collecting relevant data, researching existing products, presenting results and generating design solutions including prototype modelling.
          • 制造 – pupils will develop a range of skills and techniques appropriate to the task, working with both hand and machine tools. 学生们 will also learn about and use a range of industrial and commercial processes and applications, including the use of CAD/CAM.
          • Knowledge and understanding – pupils will develop their experience of materials, finishes, mechanisms, quality control and health and safety.

          Graphic Products and 耐磨材料 GCSE provides an excellent foundation for pupils who wish to continue for an AS or A2 in 设计和技术 or pursue a career in engineering, architecture or product design.

          For further details follow this link - GCSE 耐磨材料 exam specification

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