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          Winners at the Magistrates' Mock Trials Regional Heat

          After spending months preparing questions, speeches, and witness statements, the Bishop Luffa mock trial team finally went to the local heat in Worthing, to present their case, competing against three other schools.

          The case was R v Young, in which the defendant, Alex Young, had been accused of stealing an iPhone X. Our team was very nervous, but after looking around the courtroom they soon started to feel at home. In the first round we were defending, and the team were incredible! In the end it was impossible to convict Young, thanks to the doubt created 通过 our defence lawyers and the witnesses.

          After lunch, we had a tour of the cells underneath the court, which was very intimidating! But before long, it was time for our second round, where we were prosecuting. Our team performed very well, presenting a strong case against the defendant. However, it was the matter of identification that swung the magistrates in Young’s favour.

          At the end of the day we had a Q&A session, with many 法 experts including the barrister Shaun Wallace (from The Chase) and even the High Sheriff herself, feathered hat and all!

          We were hanging off the edge of our seats for the verdict, but were finally pronounced the winners of the Local heat for the second year in a row!  We travelled home in the minibus, singing and having a great time, but also with a brand new confidence for the new case for the Regional heat.  It was an incredible day, and gave each member of the team many brand new experiences that they will carry for the rest of their lives!

          Amenie Groves (10故事)

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          帮助当地社区改变世界的挑战!星际官方网址廉泉 - PICU呼吁更新BBC有所作为吸引力史蒂芬是开了一个大露营我们的新学校队长公布...Opportunity: Applications for Pilot Youth Advisory Board – CFTNew School Skirt最新的学校简讯你的国降临在锁定!A COVID-19 Fairytale年轻的企业获奖名单星际官方网址廉泉为PICUCommemorating VE DayEaster ChallengeElla的梦幻般的筹款Ex-Luffa Girl in Winning Boat in Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race (Lightweights)STEMFest 2020在借给午餐气候变化舞蹈 HouseFrench Cuisine你每天的冠状病毒更新Key Workers10年工作经验的世界数学家访问Balliol学院, University of Oxford#laptops2schools上诉推出从头部冠状病毒更新 - 不要惊慌一个梦幻般的结束慈善周2020Grease was the word!Twirlmania Success从WSCC冠状病毒更新 - 2020年3月3日格鲁吉亚大主教授予勋章唱诗班主教星际官方网址物理前往欧洲核子研究中心141 Compass Bus Service - Please read this important information if your child uses this serviceCongratulations Holly!冠状病毒更新家长和看护人preloved舞会礼服销售一个鼓舞人心的成就“这是greeeaaased LIGHTNIN!”学生获得设计技术创新cyberfirst女孩大赛2020星际官方网址latinists煮罗马风格从公共卫生英格兰建议:冠状病毒早期的成功哈里森!主教星际官方网址痕大屠杀纪念日A Great Debate对于主教星际官方网址学生成功行动Sports Day 2019从头部的圣诞节消息Exploring IslamLessons from AuschwitzLuffa storms through first rounds in speaking competitionsST理查德的顺序一个巨大的“谢谢”我们当地的艺术团体Sailing 新闻奇切斯特空气学员实现国家成功Autumn Sailing Success学生参加跳舞的洞察力天 主教星际官方网址标记停战Chichester Food Bank乳腺癌梦幻般的筹款现在Wild Reading!音乐 at GlyndebourneAn Economist Returns!数字领导人会议2019关于网络安全的意志获悉An exciting week at Bishop Luffa School as we welcome GSUS Live学生参加希望地球会议开放晚上在主教星际官方网址学校伟大的主教星际官方网址欧洲烘烤关作者安迪·马利根访问学校击败来访主教星际官方网址未来在主教星际官方网址的DJ摇滚空气学员纪念阿纳姆战役阿伦德尔呈现技术世界童子军大会2019夏季体育的成功The Dawn of a New Year一个温暖的主教星际官方网址欢迎今年7对于主教星际官方网址学生十足十Top Grades at Bishop Luffa, Despite Falling Nationally对于考试结果天安排2019House Buddies韩国教师体验生活在星际官方网址Literacy Planet学生们 visit Google HQ房子戏剧总决赛2019今年9 Enterprise Day从景楼惊人筹款一个梦幻般的谷仓舞会学校帆船锦标赛今年10 Good and Evil Q&A with Reverend Tim WardTanzania 2019Sports Day 2019热烈欢迎我们的年6学生今年11舞会2019套天空下车其使命是东欧西萨塞克斯圣会议2019惊人的创意写作观星在奇切斯特天文馆学生们 to attend West Sussex SACRE RE Youth Voice ConferenceFruition 2019Invitation to the Annual Inter-House 戏剧 Festival法律小鹰学飞CyberFirst Girls Competition 2019 - Defenders Courses校际严峻的挑战天太阳能电池板安装!行动在巴黎包装的周末历史 Club take part in Commemorative D-Day WorkshopChichester Bell Tower Youth Drop-In receives Queen's Award for Voluntary Service来看看我们最新的电子报...文学院宣布修成正果2019的细节澳门星际注册网站年级学生竞选在16票PFA Grand Raffle 2019一个美好的告别13年乔带来了新的生活slindon电影Former Pupil creates HIV Awareness Documentary with Terrence Higgins TrustStudents attend Thanksgiving Eucharist at Chichester Cathedral主教星际官方网址学生在马术比赛竞争埃利奥特毕业生出色影子工厂苍蝇搬上舞台再次...作者凯瑟琳·埃文斯访问主教星际官方网址学校推出business2schools慈善Skiing Fun in America查理需要的波语言明信片竞争Micro:bits on LoanWinners at the Magistrates' Mock Trials Regional HeatFormer Sixth Former selected to row in Boat Race 2019Charity Week 2019今年9保罗齐版画项目对于星际官方网址第澳门星际注册网站前拳击成功冬青heffronSTEMFest 2019Much Ado About Nothing澳门星际注册网站年级学生被迷住了灯市10年工作经验Dreams Come TrueA Trip of a Lifetime!A Day at the OperaCharity Week 2019无事排练庸人自扰顺利进行前星际官方网址学生杰斯违反戏剧英格兰今年7学会如何放在一起的慈善活动一个梦幻般的哈利·波特的书夜Will makes Finals of Computational Thinking Challenge艺术家在住所 - 卡罗尔奈勒阿娇基冈MP参观学校夏天的滑冰成功Sailing Adventures帮助支持的吧模拟审判小组Burns Night 2019Boys 舞蹈 Platform瞳孔在胡桃夹执行BBC广播4台的问题吗?真正的圣诞室From Aliens to Ethics... from end of life to female imagery for God.. the diversity of A Level Religious Studies!Creative Castles及时经济学之旅Bishop Luffa achieves Gold Award for the Religious Education Quality Mark超过£4000在第澳门星际注册网站形式时尚秀凸起奥利维亚的月周期挑战澳门星际注册网站年级学生进入学校锏竞争世界读书日庆祝活动今年7朝圣奇切斯特大教堂书展早在图书馆!国王 and 獭 House support the Chichester Food Bank艺术 Student’s work selected for RBA Star Students ExhibitionPFA Murder Mystery数字领导人会议2018Bishop Luffa Remembers学生们 receive visit from Commonwealth War Graves Commission学生对bebras挑战准备Sixth Former Awarded Arkwright Engineering Scholarship从过去的瞳孔消息...爱丁堡金奖公爵看看我们的最新简讯集装箱/围堵在帕兰德之家画廊今年7 - 在一个盒子里的风景琼楼支持麦克米伦伟大的主教星际官方网址欧洲烘烤关一个梦幻般的夜晚开放When in Rome.....乔的冒险速降一千头前进 - 个人看法Summer Sailing期待着语言的欧洲日汉娜获得了黑带Sixth Form Air Cadets support Orphanage work in Peru一个温暖的主教星际官方网址欢迎今年7Outstanding success at tougher exams 通过 Bishop Luffa GCSE pupilsA-Level results: A strong performance in challenging times看看最新的学校简讯支持在坦桑尼亚基层信任探索天的活动 - 嘉豪房子戏剧总决赛2018从韩国的立体图主教星际官方网址的Sports Day 2018Prayer and Prizes!设计和技术 - 阿克莱特奖学金Design 奖项 2018RE Youth Speak Again!Thank you from the PFA一个有趣的包装的一天为我们的新学生新闻 from the National Schools' Sailing Competition 2018恭喜王的房子!A First for HarryHouse 戏剧 2018A fantastic achievement - pupils attend Finals of Magistrates' Mock Trial CompetitionA fantastic evening of art, music, drama, dance, media and computing第澳门星际注册网站形式加注£6750为慈善今年9名学生参观奇切斯特大教堂Coding fun with KoduWin £5,000 of book tokens for the School 图书馆 (and £100 for yourself!)小楼的杯形蛋糕出售 - 周四6月14日汤姆高度赞扬animation18竞争看看最新的学校简讯Bishop Luffa team through to Magistrates’ Mock Trial National Finals星球大战谈到主教星际官方网址一个梦幻般的旅程冰岛主教祈祷星际官方网址空间今年12参观国家海洋学中心Willow & Fern – Young Enterprise Sussex Finalists舞蹈的一个梦幻般的夜晚景楼承接铁人三项募捐格温花费海浪在电脑挑战亚当过人之处建设共同的未来什么忙半学期,我们已经有!洞穴房子复活节盛会Sixth Formers take part in Finals of the Bar Mock Trial成功在裁判审判竞争Food Preparation & Nutrition Practical a Tasty Success澳门星际注册网站年级慈善周围捕学生进入braben杯编码竞赛Bishop Luffa School wins National Award for excellent resultsJonty makes the most of Arkwright Scholarship opportunitiesYoung Enterprise Students attend Shoreham Trade Fair梦幻般的奇装异服周五相亲谈到主教星际官方网址周三的慈善周的乐趣慈善周 - 星期澳门星际注册网站晚上外卖Teachers Got Talent“摇滚学校”岩阶段学生们 win West Sussex Inter-Schools Literature QuizWorthLess? CampaignWorld Book DayCharity Week 新闻主教星际官方网址学校任命新校长亚历克斯赢得大奖筹款父母给了见识到了PFA10年工作经验£220从玫瑰情人节升高今年7创建的慈善活动An Economist Speaks!10年在舞蹈表演家Max makes the Finals of the UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking ChallengeSuccess at Chichester Festival of 音乐, 舞蹈 & Speech岩石的初具规模的学校Ski Trip 2018Sixth Formers hear about the work of Amnesty International一个鼓舞人心的舞蹈之旅手表灰姑娘罗西获得英国盖帽击剑门票现已发售的“摇滚学校”生产钢琴和吉他音乐会新的日期公布前者第澳门星际注册网站形式艺术学生呈现在伦敦一个梦幻般的夜晚烧伤今年9个生涯灵感Funding for Schools看看最新的通讯Christmas Jumper Day里奇韦有驯鹿奔跑!Sad 新闻的经验教训和颂歌一年一度的节日Hour of Code主教星际官方网址马术队Bishop Luffa pupils attend the Queen’s visit to the Festival Theatre在奇切斯特大教堂一个发人深省的一天伊莫套自己是一个挑战水獭房子 - 支持Stella的声音库周即将到来! 11月27日至12月一日学生参加数字领袖会议Thousands of students may have a hidden talent for cyber security, but how would they know?学生可以获得计算挑战通过击落校长街头访问Bar Mock BrillianceLuffa Girls Compete in 舞蹈 Grand Finals at Blackpool威尔逊故居圣诞工艺品博览会大屠杀幸存者提供了移动交谈年9今年7对怀特岛的乐趣Sixth Form 艺术 Students to exhibit at prestigious 'Star Students Exhibition'阿克莱特奖学金颁发给澳门星际注册网站年级学生学生在学校的莎士比亚艺术节演出今年12和13反映大屠杀学生参加大南运行水獭房子圣诞吸引力照顾家庭养育青少年活动头18年后宣布退役 看看最新的通讯Lessons in Spiritual Development from Canterbury Christchurch University主教星际官方网址进入莎士比亚学校艺术节祝贺我们的有才华的音乐家......汤姆将自己一个挑战......学生参加干暑期课程支持,相信,培育看看最新的学校简讯热烈欢迎今年7Harder exams matched by hard work 通过 Bishop Luffa GCSE pupilsGCSE Guide for 父母A Level Results - Impressive Performance in Challenging Times主教星际官方网址艺术家表现出阿伦德尔博物馆School 新闻letter伊丽莎白的运动会报告学生们 take part in Create & Cook Regional FinalsSports Day 2017在县首届青年圣获好评每年10到11年的父母的感应晚上第澳门星际注册网站形式毕业生球今年7到8个家长会人生的第一次品尝在星际官方网址杰西荣赫鹏拍的星星!今年11 PromAmazing Book 奖项王赢房子房子戏剧决赛Dragon's Den + The Apprentice = Bishop Luffa Enterprise DaySailing Success戏剧一个美妙的一天文学院庆祝“修成正果”Harry flies high!今年7和8是外出走动与人文!Shared Learning in REA Grand Opening: Miss Sutton re-opens 'K' block 44 years on父母12年高等教育信息化我们学校图书馆需要你!结果是....Bishop Luffa School celebrates the end of a surreal term

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