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          在西萨塞克斯郡旅游的详细信息可以在这里找到 //westsussex.cdmf.info/public/map.htm

          Information regarding the Termination of the Emsworth & District Bus Service

          We have been informed 通过 Emsworth & District that they have made the difficult decision to stop the 247 service that runs from Rowlands Castle and surrounding villages to 舍伯恩 Road. The service will remain in operation until the end of this term. Emsworth & District have worked hard to keep this service running since the Council ceased funding but have reached a point where it is no longer viable.


          早上服   午服:
          哈文特汽车站 0708      主教星际官方网址学校停车处 1443
          埃姆斯沃思旁路 0716   博山姆迂回 1453
          Southbourne郊区的教堂 0721   Southbourne郊区的教堂 1500
          博山姆迂回 0728   埃姆斯沃思旁路 1505
          主教星际官方网址学校停车处 0740   哈文特汽车站 1513



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