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          安德鲁斯的房子 - 房子色绿

          安德鲁斯 1


          安德鲁斯房子的头 - 安迪先生普特南


          安德鲁斯 House今年7 - 怀念ķ马查多

          今年8 - 先生小号finniear

          今年9 - 先生Ĵ范恩

          每年10 - 夫人ķfurnell

          今年11 - 先生Ĵ罩

          Year 12 & 13 - Mr J Barnett

          Bishop 安德鲁斯 was the Bishop of Chichester from 1605-9 and was the key translator of the 国王 James Version of the Bible in 1611. He was one of the most famous and important Bishops of 奇切斯特 and his most famous sermon is quoted 通过 英语 poet TS Eliot in The Journey of the Magi.


          We like to think of 安德鲁斯 as being a large family. 学生们 feel there is a strong sense of unity within the House and that this has led to a great team spirit which has brought the House together and enabled us to achieve a lot of success both in inter-house competitions and in things like charity fund-raising activities.


          安德鲁斯 Sports DayThe year started before it had even finished with the visit of the Year 6’s/soon to be 7年’s in July 2018, finding their feet as they found out what it was like to be part of Andrewes House, and getting to know their class mates. 安德鲁斯 House has had a busy year. Charity events have raised money for the House charities ‘Sussex Snowdrop Trust’ and ‘Diabetes UK’, these charities having been chosen as there are close links to pupils past and present.

          7年 got to know each other really well during their residential trip to the Isle of Wight, where challenges were met and experiences shared. All in 安德鲁斯 House immersed themselves into the Interhouse competitions that took place throughout the year, including drama, sport and dance. 今年10s ventured into the world of work experience, spending time finding out about possible careers and future pathways.

          As Head of House I have been extremely proud of the way the 今年11s have approached their GCSEs – a time that can be stressful but they all pulled together. My thanks go to all the Tutors in 安德鲁斯 House – for the support and care they give the pupils during their time at 主教星际官方网址学校.


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