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          Welcome to the Bishop Luffa 父母 and Friends page. Our aim is to support the school through fundraising events and regular financial commitment 通过 Gift Aid. This allows the school to plan and budget for future projects, which will benefit the education and environment of our children during their school years at Bishop Luffa.

          This support is much appreciated 通过 the Headteacher and staff at Bishop Luffa school.

          There are many areas you could become involved with the PFA:

          • 加入PFA委员会
          • 出席大会并在筹款活动帮助
          • 通过礼品援助财政经常性捐赠
          • 二手均匀铺

          The Gift Aid form can be used to set up a monthly Gift Aid payment to support the School, or make a one off payment. The form should be returned to the PFA Gift Aid Secretary, c/o The School Office.

          有关更多信息,请联系西蒙·托雷 - simonvafs@aim.com


          The 父母 & Friends Association are running the following events during the forthcoming school year.

          • 星期澳门星际注册网站2019年9月28日 - 7年级野餐
          • 星期澳门星际注册网站2020年1月25日 - 彭斯之夜
          • 周五2020年6月19日 - 11年级舞会

          More events are added throughout the year and full details are sent via parentmail.

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          Thanks to everyone who helped or came along to sell or buy a dress at this event. It was held on Saturday 1st February and it was a huge success. We had 80 dresses for sale plus accessories and a queue at the door before we opened at 11am. St Wilfrid's Hospice shops came with a selection of dresses and Retroesque from Arundel, who have a range of vintage styles in their shop. Hampshire Vintage Wedding Cars brought a limo and vintage Rolls Royce. Many year 11 girls, from various local schools, came to try on in the large changing area. It was a great day, everyone appeared to be having a good time and it was a lovely relaxing way to buy a prom dress, save money and re-love a beautiful dress. We took over £1,000 and with donations and the 25% commission taken on each item sold, we made £277 for the school. We will be running this sale again next year just before the February half term, so please keep it in mind if you want to sell your dresses and look out for the date release at the end of September.

          Prom Dress Website


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