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          音乐 at Luffa


          The 音乐 department shares with you all the exciting opportunities that are open to you at Bishop Luffa School (click on the image below)

          音乐 Video image

          Information about 音乐 Lessons

          We have a strong Music Department that offers every pupil a chance to develop their musical talents. As well as the curriculum-based learning and extra-curricular activities, we are pleased to provide instrumental music tuition on a variety of instruments or singing lessons through our peripatetic tutors or with West Sussex 音乐.

          If your child is interested in having lessons in: violin, viola, cello, double bass, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium or tuba: please contact West Sussex 音乐 who will be able to organise lessons and advise you on borrowing an instrument at a very reasonable rate. www.westsussexmusic.co.uk or tel: 01403 286330 for more details of lesson costs and instrumental hire).

          If your child is interested in having lessons in:

          • Singing (Classical, musical theatre or popular)
          • Song writing and production
          • Piano or Keyboard
          • Acoustic Guitar (classical or popular)
          • Electric Guitar or Bass Guitar
          • 架子鼓

          Please complete the form below and return this as soon as possible to Mrs Bowen-Melfi (Head of 音乐), Bowen-MelfiJ@bishopluffa.org.uk, who will pass your details to the relevant tutor.

          Costs will depend if you want individual, paired or group lessons.

          The Future DJs offer 30-minute weekly lessons either solo or shared. They offer a program of study which develops versatile knowledgeable DJs with strong listening skills, musical awareness, and passion for music of any genre. DJing is now a performance option at GCSE 音乐. Please contact: www.futuredjs.org/getinvolved


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