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          We have a large team of very willing (and able!) 今年7房子哥们, ready to answer any questions that Year 6 may have about secondary school. Questions can be emailed to year6questions@bishopluffa.org.uk

          The email address is overseen 通过 staff, but the 7年 pupils will be providing the answers. Replies will be sent back to Year 6 and we will also collate them here on our website.

          First day banner What worried you banner
          家庭作业 banner Finding way around banner
          Stationery banner Joining clubs banner
          Lunch banner Making friends banner
          Phone policy banner Seeing friends banner
          Late lesson banner  Advice for first week
          How are we put into sets 教师
          How much harder is the work If we have a club at lunchtime how do we eat our lunch

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